Oracular Vagina 2 (Jessi Guilford)

Fiction. A sex-change patient recovers from surgery to find herself mute, and vehicle to a truth-telling genetically engineered vagina. World leaders arrive to consult said vagina, and there may also be a wacky neighbor. Companion site to Oracular Vagina Takes Her Place, which no longer exists as such.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Until this point in the story, the timing of the posts has been more or less congruent with the events they describe, except where otherwise noted. From this point onward, subsequent posts will have a story-date attached to them somehow, to inform the reader of when the events described took place. This should, among other things, improve the accuracy of the ORACLE's predictions ("Don't never prophesy -- onless ye know." -James Russell Lowell, The Biglow Papers), though obviously the predictions will be less useful.

Also, it should have been noted a very long time ago that the links at the ends of many of the earlier pieces, to the original Oracular Vagina site (now "refried ORACLE phone," which name doesn't make any sense to me either, sorry), no longer work. This is likely to be a permanent situation. I don't intend, at the present time, to go through all the posts and redo the links, though maybe I will at some point down the line.

Peace, truth, hope, faith, love, justice, and the American Way,


  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger stan said…

    "refried ORACLE phone" is meant to suggest:

    1. there is a phone, which if you listen to it will transmit Oracular messages
    2. this phone has been fried in the past (i.e. static on the line, or even some sort of powerful electric surge damaging the instrument)
    3. this phone has been fried again

    The total implication is that repeated frying has changed the Oracular messages, by changing the instrument through which they are delivered

    Sorry about those links. . . the Oracle wanted to be out of the public eye for a while


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